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Return the Slab

"In our quest for knowledge and adventure we foolishly awoken the wrath of King Ramses."


"Return the Slab" (story and game design by Don-Niel Saunders) is a 3-5 player board game. One player is selected at random to be King Ramses, a powerful resurrected mummy hell-bent on stopping the rest of players, known as the Explorers, from placing slabs on the 3 alters around the board.

Special Tiles

  • Alters: An Explorer must visit each individual alter to win. Visiting for the first time warps the Explorer back to Start. Any other time ends their turn. King Ramses is unaffected.
  • Tunnels: Explorers who enter tunnels are randomly sent to another tunnel based on the roll of a die. King Ramses cannot use Tunnels.
  • Pitfalls (Burgendy): Explorers who land on this tile with their final step are sent back to Start. King Rameses is unaffected.
  • Secret (Blue): Explorers who possess the Torch card may pass through these tiles. King Ramses may freely walk through these tiles.
  • Action (Yellow): King Ramses or Explorers get an Action Card or replace one they own. King Ramses can store up to 1 - 3 action cards, based on the number of Explorers in the game.

Action Cards

  • Banish: Send King Ramses back to his Sarcophagus.
  • Jump: Move 1 space in any direction.
  • Rope: Upon falling into a Pitfall save yourself with Rope, moving yourself 1 space forward.
  • Knife: Prevents 1 Pull or Snare.
  • Torch: Allows a 1-use passage through Secret Tiles.
  • Escape: Upon being hit by King Ramses, nullifies the effects of the attack and leaves the Explorer immune to the King for the rest of the turn.
King Ramses
  • Pull: Pull any Explorer 1 tile in any direction.
  • Snare: Snared Explorers must roll an even number, which is then cut in half. Rolling an odd number ends their turn.
  • Blockade: Construct a Blockade, an Explorer-impassible tile. Lasts until King Ramses' next turn.

Notes (Latest Patch: January 25th, 2015)

Changes: Quality of Life Improvements
  • Added UI element to display how many alters each Explorer has visited.
  • Added "Disabled" icons for deactivated tunnels and action spaces.
  • Added black background to chatbox.
Known Issues:
  • Fullscreen mode has visual bugs.