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Project: Golem
Protect the Barrier

Project: Golem - Protect the Barrier
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Play as a sentinal golem, protecting a barrier from a hoard of ghouls, skeletons and vampires.

This game was created as a change of pace for me; a break from SMBZ. Starting development on December 28th 2017, I intended this game to be a just a quick throw-together game, expecting 1 week of development. However, during development, I was introduced to many performance issues and had to take more time to examine the problems and eventually learn how to better optimize my code. The project end up taking a couple extra weeks, but it taught me a lot of much needed optimization techniques.

  • Tap anywhere to grab nearby enemies.
  • Once you have grabbed an enemy, tap anywhere again to toss them in that direciton.
  • Press the fist button to damage and shove off nearby enemies.

(Created: January 14th, 2018)

13 days of development