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President: The Card Game
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  • Play equal or higher value
  • Playing equal value is a "Burn". Burns clear the field and grant a second play
  • On a clear field, you may play Singles, Doubles, Triples or Quads
  • You must play in the limitations of the Single/Double/Triple/Quad
  • The Wild Two is the highest value card with special ablities:
    • A single two can beat any single or double.
    • A double two can beat any triple or quad.
  • Use the left mouse button to interact.

Notes (Latest Patch: September 6th, 2015)

Latest Changes:

  • Online Lobby: Room: Players are now colour coded. Local player appears blue, all others green.
  • Online Lobby: Room: Master Player's name now has their name suffixed with "(Master)".
  • Online Lobby: Room: Chat has been added.
  • Online Lobby: Room: Joining a room with a game already in progress will show players who are already in-game as greyed out.
  • Online Gameplay: Player positioning now properly set based on the order of their turn.
  • Online Gameplay: The current-turn's player is now highlighted blue.
  • Online Gameplay: Local player's hand is now sorted from weakest to strongest.
  • Online Gameplay: Player Name, Card Count and Status texts are more legible.
  • Online Gameplay: Card placement, when played, corrected.
  • Other small adjustments...